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Nevin and Witt Insurance & Financial Services Blog: affordable care act

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by Angelica Wedell Health care in America has been looking a little bit different ever since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010.  With the recent Supreme Court decision, this will be a big year for Affordable Care Act provisions already set in motion. READ MORE >>

N&W Top Ten Favorite Health Tips Okay, we'll call them "healthish" tips. 10. Get a massage: stressed from work or school? Getting spring fever? Treat yourself to a massage to relax and        rejuvenate. Don’t forget to drink lots of water afterwards.   9. READ MORE >>

Curious about the Affordable Care Act? This video covers what has happened with health insurance & healthcare and what will happen in the coming years. Check it out!"Like" us on Facebook for the latest information!Resources: National Association of Insurance Commissioners READ MORE >>

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