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The Sci-Fi movie 2012 depicts the extreme in natural disasters. But natural disasters will always be a part of life, so your home and possessions should be protected. Flood Insurance According to, “Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster.” READ MORE >>

While Edward had no need for life insurance, Bella did! She was so prone to danger (vampires and werewolves, for goodness sakes) and clumsiness; her frail human life could’ve failed her at any time. But, on a serious note, life insurance is crucial to leaving your finances in order. READ MORE >>

Stu, a dentist himself, surely didn’t expect to wake up with a missing tooth. This is a great lesson about the importance of dental insurance. Most dental expenses are NOT included in health insurance, unless it’s a medical emergency. That means you need coverage unless you plan to pay out of pocket for cleanings, exams, READ MORE >>

We want your honest feedback! How has your experience been with Nevin and Witt? Tell us about it on Yelp or Google Places. You can review us there with a star rating and comments. Customer feedback and reviews helps us to improve our customer experience because we’re here to serve you. READ MORE >>

At Nevin and Witt, we love our customers, so we’ll take this special day to thank you! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to tell someone you love how much you appreciate them. And thinking about insurance, are you covered and prepared? Does your life insurance policy have sufficient coverage READ MORE >>

1. You are required by law to have liability insurance: basically, this protects people from going after your assets (house, savings, etc.) if you're found at fault for an accident. 2. The minimum liability amounts are very low, $5,000 for property damage (fixing/replacing the vehicle of the oth... READ MORE >>

At Nevin and Witt, we value giving back to the community. The ridge community puts on Relay for Life, an annual event which benefits the American Cancer Society. Nevin and Witt has previously been a silver sponsor, but this year we are stepping it up! From February 1st until June 1st, N&W will donate READ MORE >>

Curious about the Affordable Care Act? This video covers what has happened with health insurance & healthcare and what will happen in the coming years. Check it out!"Like" us on Facebook for the latest information!Resources: National Association of Insurance Commissioners READ MORE >>

I just watched a live seminar about Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage. Why should you care? Well, like me, you probably have a family member or friend (if not yourself!) who is around the age that Medicare benefits kick in. So, I wanted to summarize what I learned. READ MORE >>

How to stay safe during those cold, wet months.             On the Roads Winterize your car before the bad weather hits. Check your tires & wiper blades and make sure you have an emergency road kit. Drive at a cautious speed, especially in rain or snow. READ MORE >>

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